What is mining?

Mining in its classic sense is the extraction of resources in the mines. But on interests a slightly different type of earnings. The word was inherited due to the similarity of terminology. Only now it is internet mining. That is, the extraction of electronic resources.

In the text there will be many new terms and names. I will not disclose all of them in one article. Focusing on one thing and in the process of studying I will raise each individual question in a separate article. So it is easier to absorb new material. With the growth of articles and material, I will leave cross-references in order to make it easier to move from one question to another. And if at the time of reading you did not find a link to an incomprehensible question to you – take a look later – it will definitely appear. This will be a footnote.

This type of mining involves the extraction of cryptocurrency powers of its own personal computer. At the dawn of its inception, the extraction of cryptocurrency was carried out using video cards. The best for this purpose were the ATI Radeon family of video cards. At the moment, Nvidia is not inferior in this matter. The processor can also mine, but the power is too out of proportion.

A small digression about what exactly is happening in the process of mining (we already considered this question in the previous article, but now we’ll dwell on it in more detail)

From a technical point of view, the process of mining this electronic cryptocurrency is the calculation of the hash of header blocks using the resource capacity of your computer. In particular, to earn money you need the resources of your video card. Cryptocurrency emission is algorithmically limited and cannot be overcome (for example, there can be a maximum of 21,000,000 Bitcoin currency blocks in the world at a time. Thus, the more people start earning money on mining, whether it is Bitcoin, Lightcoin or something else, the more difficult it is for everyone from them to extract these resources.)

Apparently there will be more articles that are devoted in more detail to the reviews of these species. Look through blog articles, cloud mining, there is a lot of useful information.

I think that you should immediately start cloud mining or conscientious mining, because alone, as everywhere, it will be very difficult to achieve good results.

I have never seen a person who could achieve great results without connecting anyone. The fact that you can mine and earn money at home is everyone understood, but you cannot earn much money with this method.