Ian Balina Success Story and Sunset Earnings at ICO

In 2017, during the rapid growth of all cryptocurrencies and the ICO market in particular, many investors and traders earned large capitals, and some of them became well-known opinion leaders in the community. One of these is considered to be Jan Balina, who had a special approach to investing in ICO projects. He did not just choose the advertised token and bought, Ian studied the capabilities of the team, checked the availability of a working prototype, the level of consultants and so on. He shared his thoughts with everyone, and also laid out the criteria by which he evaluates startups. When in 2017, the entire kryptorynok began to grow, Jan did not just make money, he made a profit even higher than the market average.

The influence of Baline increased along with the increase in hype around a new class of digital assets. The number of his subscribers in social networks Twitter, Instagram, Telegram grew and reached several hundred thousand, and the investment portfolio in January 2018 was estimated at $ 5.36 million, although in May it was $ 37,000. Many people, before investing in a project, first waited for approval Yana, sometimes went so far as the importance of his opinion was higher than the actual quality of the project.

As many know, in 2018 the market changed, a long downtrend phase began, which still lasts. The bubble gradually began to deflate, projects showed poor results, and Hip, marketing, and support for Balin no longer guaranteed success. His portfolio was blown away even faster than growing – by $ 3 million in just 2 months.

However, these failures were only the beginning. In April, during his live broadcast, all his cryptoactive assets worth $ 2.5 million were stolen from Balina. Although he was an authority for many cryptoinvestors and was well versed in technology, he was not as good at security of his own funds as he was in investing. To store private keys, an account was used in Evernote, which was hacked by hackers using a phishing attack on its old email address.

As a result, Balina lost all the money earned on ICO, but did not despair and, together with three partners, opened a consulting firm in the blockchain field 100X Advisors. “I understood that I need to somehow recover the lost funds, but I could not resort to the usual way of earning – investing. We should have built a real business, we should have thought of how business is to acquire corporate sponsors and partners, ”noted Balin in one of the videos.

Subsequently, he began searching for investors who could use his content creation skills for personal purposes. He managed to contact several exchanges, and even began to cooperate with one of them. The document for the first half of 2018 specifies the terms of the agreement.

As you can see, he asks for $ 250,000 for the release of the video, and $ 75,000 for the attendance of the event by the 100X Advisors team. Among other things, the affiliate exchange had to make all Jan Balina’s projects available for trading on her site. A source who shared this document noted that the exchange had refused to cooperate because of its own listing policy.

In August last year, Baline managed to conclude an agreement with the KuCoin exchange. His main responsibilities within the framework of this alliance are the search for promising blockchain projects and reporting them to the exchange before they become available to anyone else. Also, as part of the transaction, Balin should promote the stock exchange in his accounts on social networks, as well as receive money for content creation and participation in the “World Crypto Tour”.

In the meantime, KuCoin representatives indicated that they are cooperating with Balina on terms that differ from those indicated in the document above. “We signed a non-disclosure agreement and agreed to independently and objectively review projects, as well as personally decide on listing of any project. We do not guarantee that the token sent to us will be approved and added to the trading platform, the stock exchange reported. “Balina recommended several projects to us, but the lion’s share of them were not approved.”

On the website of Balina, as well as in the statement KuCoin, it is indicated that Yang receives half of the cash payments in American dollars, and half in KuCoin Shares (KCS) tokens.

The representative of Balina confirmed the information that the projects proposed by their company did not have the privileges of automatic listing, and also refused to announce the conditions on which they wanted to cooperate with other crypto exchanges prior to the agreement with KuCoin.

If I had my own stock exchange, I would also make such a result possible. Such people who make investments do it not in the first. There are also many who have lost everything.

It is a pity that many of us do not learn the elementary rules for managing your finances, so you just want to be more educated in this regard.

The more you do it, the more you get, so the time here is directly proportional to your success. The case when you can invest and not think about anything more.

I know a lot of such individuals that have achieved great results, but still they all can have temporary success and can become bankrupt several times in their lives.