Experienced investors can wait and do not panic.

The current situation in the cryptocurrency market has riveted many views. Everyone who watches the market situation wonders how low it will sink before it bounces back. In addition, the so-called experts, who once again argue about the near end of Bitcoin, also increase panic.

And the rumors about the decline of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are replicated by users who entered the cryptosphere in a growing market and just yesterday shared sensational stories about cryptocurrency and wrote about the enormity of innovation. This tendency has been observed not for the first time, however, this time the scale of this has increased several times, which also greatly contribute to the market decline.

Investors react to all this extremely negatively. However, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market is not something new. Long-term investors who come from traditional markets have no doubt that the cryptocurrency industry will continue to grow. Achievements of companies that invest in this market have not gone away; moreover, they continue to move forward.

Those who have long been present in the cryptocurrency market have long understood that low prices, on the contrary, attract new investors who are willing to wait for the development of the market and its further stabilization.

The basic principles of investing in high-yielding assets have not changed and are applicable, including in the cryptocurrency market. Experienced investors understand this and invest exactly as much as they are willing to lose. It will certainly be extremely illiterate to withdraw money from other more reliable assets or, for example, from a food fund, money set aside for the education of children, the purchase of a house. Those who made such mistakes are worried now, as they hoped to make money without any problems, which, in principle, is characteristic of an immature market.

Now everyone is waiting for institutional money to come to the market. But they will not come until the price is low enough. Only after the price of assets becomes attractive to institutional investors will billions come to the cryptocurrency market, which will push prices up again. In the future, software companies will help to maintain the price at the proper level, as they are aimed at the future and intend to develop the blockchain technology.

Short-term investors “get rich quick” lose in any market. Long-term investors see things a little differently. In our case, they understand that the blockchain technology will lead the financial industry to a new level of development. Cryptocurrencies will eventually be recognized as a legal means of buying anything, anywhere, without centralized state control.

I am still very far from such a level of people, because those investors who know how to look for several years ahead, they also have assets a thousand times more, and when you try to make money here and now, then what can you expect?

Experienced investors will never disengage themselves with their funds, so smart people will not invest in projects where there is a big risk.

There are those who can put the last dollar on the line and take a very big risk. Even the most famous millionaires in the world and those several times were left with nothing.

A dollar and 100 thousand dollars is also a big difference, because in the first case you do not lose anything at all, and in the second case it is a chance to become richer again and increase your capital.

The main thing is that from the first time it will bear fruit, because if the investment is immediately with a negative outcome, then it will be very difficult to catch up and go to zero.

I always panic a lot when the price falls on a cryptocurrency. in which I had to invest all my last savings and I can’t just take it for granted that the price will be different at the end of the year.

Still not so fast. Just do not always need to spend everything at zero and then you will have something to remain. And no matter how much it costs, you will have nothing left.

Well, on the initial path you still have to work for a while in minus or at least zero, because it does not immediately turn out that you invested once and then make a profit and do nothing at the same time.

Any investment begins with the minuses, it seems to me, it simply does not happen otherwise. So as soon as you have invested, you can say that you lost them immediately.

No need to wait until it gives a boost. It is necessary to always move only forward and not stop, and if it is always adjusted to the result, it will be so.

So far I can only do it on demo accounts and see what the result is. but very small. So, there can be no talk about big investments until the demo is able to get as much as you need.

If you have already reached a very serious level, then a whole team can work there, therefore, it is much easier to cope with your emotions and fears.

Anyway, the final decision will be for one person. Another thing is when he has nothing to do with it, because he trusts others to do it, but as for me, it is better to control everything.

Right now, panic can develop against the background of what is happening in the world with cryptocurrency very much, because the forecasts did not come true at all, even prirenno.

And what is happening in the market now is not a panic? That’s just because of the mass panic and there are situations where just in one year everything can die.