Cloud mining from

Greetings to all readers. I present to your attention a new cloud mining Upon registration, you receive a gift of 500 Gh / s. Those. do not invest anything. Signed up and mining started right away. With this, the expected weekly income is more than 400,000 sotoshay. A withdrawal of 100,000, so that after 3 days you can withdraw profits.

It all starts with the registration, which is available from the main page (block on the right side of the screen). Enter your email address, bitcoin wallet and password. Be sure to click “Sign up with FREE 500 GHS” and then you will get free 500 gigachexes for the next 7 days

Go to the Buy hashrate submenu and it still reminds of Since mining is announced as a new one – now there are discounts and it seems to me worth the risk. I think that it will live a long time, since, unlike, there is only about 170% per annum. had a lot more. Perhaps the creators took into account their mistakes and launched a new project. In any case, we wish them good luck.

In general, if this cloud mining from the creators of, then this is good and bad. Well – because most likely they will live a long time. Well, bad – this is because they still close.

I am just embarrassed by the fact that the project belongs to those who have already once actually thrown people and therefore do not want to invest in this connection. But the fact that there is a freebie is captivating. I’ll register for her

And what’s the difference, thrown or not? You do not call to invest in it. Sign up, get a gift and either reinvest or not. Anyway, you get something in the end.

From mobile there is an option to try. Another IP address will be, however, one more Bitcoin account will need to be opened. But you have suggested a cool idea. I have two mobile, two addresses, try to become something to myself a referral?

Reinvest put on 50%. I still want to at least a week later, to get something out and feel, even if it’s scant, but the smell of money. And then we’ll see. The truth is not really understood how payments are made. Automatically or manually.

And I liked the mining. At least by the fact that it is not necessary to invest at first. It is enough to make a reinvestment and observe how it works, and only then, after weighing all the pros and cons, you can decide whether to invest or not.

Withdrawals are possible with the purchase of a minimum package of 200 Ghs, which is 0.036. Well, at least it is written in the FAQ. So a little smaller, but still not enough. By the way, it is interesting, but what is acquired on reinvestment will continue?

And freebies here, alas and no. A week later, 500 power burns and you will need to invest. A withdrawal without buying 200sgs, which is equal to 0.036 bitcoin is impossible. But 10 15 sgs for free you can fuck

Quite a lot of requests for the rental of equipment, but the interest is reasonable and it gives hope that the mining can live long enough. Plus there is a discount now, you can try.

I took a closer look, counted it a bit, and so it turns out that in a week of freebies, with 100% reinstate, you can get about 25 GHS for free. It costs money everywhere. And then a freebie. Yes, payments upon purchase from 200, but it is possible to try to save them when reinvesting.

Hmm m. The article says that mining does not work, but nevertheless it opens up for me and moreover, the admin constantly sends spam on the subject of what I could buy at a discount power.