Secure financial transactions provide blockchain and hardware keys

The largest information security provider, Gemalto, in partnership with the blockchain startup Symbiont, focused on the development of smart contract technologies and execution of transactions in the blockchain. The new project will use hardware cryptographic means of production Gemalto, which will protect transactions in the blockchain from theft, forgery and other criminal activities.

Hardware cryptographic tools that will be used by Symbiont to securely manage private keys, as well as store and process them. Such devices are already being used by large financial institutions with the help of which protected transactions worth over one trillion US dollars are processed every day.

Such use of hardware cryptographic modules will ensure full compliance with the requirements of regulators and the highest level of trust in confirming secure transactions.

“The best security models available on the market will enable smart Symbiont contracts to become not only an exciting offer, but also the first step in switching to blockchain-based transactions.”

Blockchain is used to allow institutions and investors to issue and exchange various financial instruments. Through the use of a secure peer-to-peer network, a high degree of transaction protection is achieved. Such tools are called “smart stocks”, they automatically fulfill contracts thus saving time and money.

An autonomous distributed database eliminates the need to handle financial transactions manually. Founded in 2014, Symbiont received funding of $ 1.25 million in June 2015 and in August 2015 released the first “smart share”. The company’s office is located in New York, where 10 employees work on a permanent basis.

Security and anonymity, then do not get tired of repeating, and in addition to this, problems about which do not get tired to say that it is dangerous for the entire financial system. I hope more pluses than minuses, otherwise what have I started to mine it?))

Already recognized that the danger of the financial system does not carry Bitcoin, but continues to argue that it is a convenient tool for financing terrorism and that terrorists use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their own purposes.

Apparently they were forced to admit, while continuing to sow a share of mistrust. Naturally, it is not beneficial for many that bitcoin had chances for development. Destroy Bitcoin main goal, but as it will achieve see. It is unlikely that they will be able to remove him without a trace, especially since so many people believe in it.

It is cool that she always knew that it would bring some kind of benefit, not only as a basis for a new currency, but also as a base for other financial instruments. Everything must be improved and I am glad that this is happening.

The world is getting better, maybe yes and maybe not, but what is technological and informational progress cannot be denied. We already have to decide what benefits of new inventions to use and what not. A blockchain can be the beginning of many good things.

I immediately thought that bitcoin was created only for good, but how they use it depends on people. We must try to develop the advantages of Bitcoin, and not minuses, and then it will be more useful for him. What we will contribute and get.

Is logical. Someone is not profitable to have a new currency, something that can allow people to get financial independence, etc. So as to destroy the free blockchain code, the only solution is to sow distrust among people.

We all see everything we want to see. A person can convince himself of anything if he only wants it. This acts in relation to everything, there will always be arguments for and against and Bitcoin with a blockchain in this case is not an exception. I prefer to believe in the advantages of Bitcoin.

We began to trust technology more than ourselves, not people provide security, but complex programs, technologies, etc., which is probably incomprehensible to everyone.

Well, no need to complicate, but you should not simplify. All that relates to progress is all that is necessary and not superfluous. Safety of operations is a necessary direction for development. It seems that since the blockchain so nothing can provide security. So many possibilities in this blockchain …

What confuses you? Moving on, that’s the main thing. I used to think about how it works, if I can trust this, I did not fully understand it and it was safe, but then I realized that it was not so important, it was important what it was and that it was a chance. Starting with cranes and continuing with mining, you can not invest too much yourself, but take a chance and suddenly, all of a sudden this is the path to financial independence.

Deals are based on the blockchain and with a high level of security, that’s cool, I don’t mind)) If it’s fast and simple and safe, then most people will support the idea of conducting such financial transactions. Support may mean something.

We do not need to do anything, just use Bitcoin, the rest will be done for us. In some way, we still make our contribution because the ideas that people do not want to use are worthless.

Protection is a necessary thing, of course. It remains to rely on the fact that they will provide it in the best possible way. What kind of security is already there, but an increase in the level of security will only benefit, otherwise it cannot be.

Yes, and so all the rules like, anonymity, and so on. Well, if you can improve something, then you are always welcome. Who is against the improvements, but no one, all just for them. As far as money is concerned, the question of security is still understandable, why it is so important, especially if it is big money.

Now more danger is provided by those who would like to get rid of Bitcoin forever for whatever reasons. It is difficult to deal not with the problems of the bitcoin itself, but with “problems” that would like to create problems for the bitcoins.