100 satoshi BCH every 15 minutes

A crane with a very large amount of advertising, but it is not strange, it works very fast. It does not slow down. To all actions responds quickly. The only thing you can blame this crank is the fact that he promises 250,500 Satoshi bitcoin cache. In fact, it gives out not much more than 100. The output is manual on FaucetHUB.io.

Generally noticed an interesting trend that hits cranes. All write the upper bar on which the crane is configured. Like get up to 1000 every 15 minutes. And you come on it and there is modestly written from 80 to 1000 satoshes. And the probability of this 1000 – 0.1%.

It seems everything turned out, and advertising would not have said that much, one window just popped up when you click on the address entry line. That by the latest standards of cranes is not even bad)

I think that there is no fundamental difference, this bitcoin cache, altcoin or some other crypt. Anyway, advertising and the degree of its aggressiveness depends only on the crane owner.

I would even say it depends on the greed of the crane owners. Begin with a small, a couple of windows pop-up collection. Further more, until they find a middle ground.

You might think in another area of business is not. Everywhere so, the price is then reduced, then increased, until they find the best option between profit and cost.

I absolutely agree. How else can they figure out how many blocks of advertising to hang, so as not to go into the minus. Although the distribution and miserable of course, but the collectors are many, all freebies do not save enough.

I agree or disagree with such a policy is not particularly interested in anyone. Just from our point of view (collectors) this is bad when the policy of a crane often changes and, moreover, almost always for the worse.

But there are also positive moments. It often happens that issuing is increased for a short time in order to attract more visitors, the main thing is not to miss the moment.

Yes, I got to these moments a couple of times, but rarely. Although, to be honest, I and the assembler are not permanent, but from time to time I collect selected taps.

Similarly, I collect from time to time. I do not have enough patience for a permanent collection. Although if you seriously do this, then you can do the top five + bucks a day.

as for me, let them at least be covered with advertising, but let them make the norms issue. Let the cranes make heavyweights or what? So that gave decently, but a lot of advertising and many pages, but that 10 of these cranes per hour and the rules already worked.

It is strange that the rate of the bitcoin cache is growing, and the tap all works and even the issue does not cut. what else another month will work until the course flies away into the sky-high distance. Simple Bitcoin today has become more expensive than 4.7k

maybe you just forgot about the tap? Dividends are collected from advertising and then, they simply rivet new cranes. They are bought by a crypt, calculate a profit and launch the grid. And then just forget about it.

I confirm that the crane is still working. Perhaps due to the fact that the rapid growth of the bitcoin cache stopped, and even fell slightly. Now almost all currencies are in flat.