How to trade Bitcoin on the stock exchange without investments

Yes Yes. You can start trading bitcoins even if you don’t have a penny, or you just don’t want to risk your money. In truth, trading on that platform can be not only bitcoins, but we are only interested in them. I have been on this site for quite some time, but I decided to make a post about it just now.

Why just now? Well, there are many reasons for this. First, until recently, technical work was carried out on this site and the BTC / USD pair was not available for a long time. And there was also a very big step between lots. Those. trading 0.01 lot profit or loss was calculated in dollars. Now this is not noticed.

The opportunity to trade without having to deposit money is provided by the forum together with And I want to note that this is not advertising. As these two projects do not need advertising for a long time. I have been talking and trading there for a long time. For almost 10 years. So, to start trading a pair of BTC / USD a lot of money is not necessary. Just a couple of thousand rubles. And if you have the talent to guess or figure out the direction of the pair, then this is enough for you.

Get these a couple of thousand rubles can be communicating on the forum. Each of your meaningful post (at least 2 3 lines) is estimated from 5 to 30 rubles, which you can receive at the beginning of each month to your account, which you need to register with and attach it to the forum.

After you do all this – communicate and get bonus rubles for it (there is a whole section dedicated to cryptocurrencies on the forum), which will be transferred to your account early next month and you will be able to trade Bitcoins and other tools in the forex market.

But let’s order. First you need to register on the forum and register an account with (fill in the registration fields carefully and correctly (this is important for account verification). The RUB account currency will be selected automatically. Account verification is not required for attachment.). After you have registered both there and there using the links I have indicated (this is important), you need to attach an account and you can begin to communicate. Details on how to register and how to attach an account, I will not stop. Everything is there.

Of course, you can not wait for the bonus to accumulate, deposit your money and start trading in just 10 minutes. By the way, Instaforex accepts bitcoins, though they immediately convert them into account currency, but the exchange rate is always acceptable. It is also possible to withdraw in bitcoins at a normal rate.

In no case do not get your money in the bonus account. It is not even recommended by the administration of the forum and curators of InstaForex Company. So, as the first in the minus your funds will go.

So, if you decide to make your own funds (a couple thousand rubles are enough to comfortably trade in minimal lots), then you will have the information below. The rest will need to return in a month Well, or read and remember.

Select the type of account. All leave as is. You only need to decide on the currency of the account and put a tick next to “Account without charging swaps” (although the latter does not work on Bitcoin, but who knows, maybe this is temporary)

In my posts and market analyzes, I will use the MetaTrader4 platform (for all who use windows systems – click the Download MetaTrader 4 Windows button)

We register your login (account number, which you received after its registration) and password (which you specified when registering the account). And we also select the server that was specified to you after you registered the account.

I understand that all of the above looks a bit messy, but if someone is lost at some point in the way – do not hesitate to ask questions – I will tell / show. A little later (as soon as I figure out how to do it) I will record a video with detailed instructions.

The last stage (downloading the terminal and recording the account data) is also suitable for those who registered on the bonus account of the forum, but only in the first days of the next month.

A very long intro. I didn’t think that it would be so prolonged. In general, then you only need to communicate on the forum, receive bonus rubles for it and you can trade on a pair of BTC / USD. I have been trading for several months on this pair. There was a break when technical work was carried out, but now everything is in order.

Something is keeping the couple in the corridor 1232 1270. I thought that we would fall from 1100, but as we see this did not happen. While I wait and I do not open more orders for sale, but it is already too late to buy. If I had a different account, or if this would be a bit more, I would continue selling.

That’s about in this way, I will publish an analysis of this pair. Gradually, such posts will become overgrown with news and technical data necessary for analysis.

My bonus account for the last year has grown to 120,000 rubles. Everything on top (which is about 5 7 thousand rubles per month) I take off. It is possible and more, but I do not like to risk a deposit and therefore, first of all, it is necessary to follow the Managing.

I once traded on InstaForex, though with ordinary currency pairs. But I never heard about the bonuses from the forum at all. I’ll go try what and how

Yes, I also did not hear it. There are a lot of forums that are dedicated to making money on the Internet. And some of them just pay for posts. But thanks for that! Let’s try to type something for trade

I still have a lot of cryptocurrency trading issues. How to conduct analysis on ordinary currencies and what indicators to look at, more or less understand. But what influences cryptocurrency rates? What news, for example?

Well, as an example, the news about the opening of the hedge fund or the opening of a bitcoin exchanger in Austria that was mentioned in this blog. As in Forex, many trade on the news.

This is what stops most from cryptocurrency trading. It turns out that all trade is almost intuitive, and in my opinion this is a bit wrong.

And how are you doing? It’s just that I didn’t manage to trade on Forex by intuition, only after analysis and so on. And with regards to the forum and affiliate program, I did not know. I will try.

12,000 rubles, this is how I understand the restriction, more than which they simply will not charge money, no matter how much you write further on the forum? But in principle, this is not bad, especially if you then completely switch to trading.

no … and why? You need to create an account from scratch by the link that I indicated … and then you will have less problems … the cleaner your account is, the less then there are questions from the security service …

And why was the amount chosen to maintain the deposit of 120 thousand, and not more or less? Well, less why, of course, but why not increase? Well, if not a secret of course.

And I heard about the forum and about the broker, but somehow they didn’t connect with me into one whole. Probably try to dial a couple of thousand and see how it is generally bargaining I heard a lot about it, but did not try.

Did you fail with gold? It seems like the current fluctuations in the chaotic fluctuations of the dollar due to the current president of the United States, such as a good defensive asset.

It’s still not a lively cue ball, but of the futures type with them, the real hodl will not come out of this) he studied this topic not so long ago, still would not advise working through forex brokers to work, it’s easier to trade on the same Poloniex, they just and learned how to make money, how to trade