In 2019, the volume of investments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will grow by 88.7%

According to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC), in 2019 the volume of global investment in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries will grow to $ 2.9 billion, which is 88.7% more than last year’s figure of $ 1.5 billion.

The report says that the blockchain area will develop rapidly and in 2022 the volume of investment in the industry will reach $ 12.4 billion, which is slightly higher than the forecast made about six months ago. Then the forecast was $ 11.7 billion.

“The blockchain technology industry is rapidly developing and has already reached the point where the implementation of the development should begin. Thus, data on the costs to the ecosystem is so important, ”said James Wester, director of research at Worldwide Blockchain Strategies.

It is noteworthy that the bulk of investment comes from the financial sector. According to analysts, in the current year, banks, stock exchanges, investment and insurance services will spend about $ 1.1 billion $ 650 million for production of $ 640 million for selling goods for $ 738 million for cross-border payments.

IDC notes that the current year will be a turning point for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, as the active implementation of previously developed projects will begin.

From all this, it is necessary to draw an unequivocal conclusion that blockchain projects will continue to be in the first place for global needs, but cryptocurrency will not be left aside. However, care should be taken when choosing a tool for investment.

Global corporations are trying to seize control of the revolutionary developments, and therefore the ideas of decentralization will still be far from the first place. In many ways, regulation will play its role in all this.

Strange statistics and forecast, because it seems to me that it can be quite the opposite, because now the market is experiencing not the best period of time.

Investment business has always been relevant and now you need to maximize all these benefits, as only investment can change the standard of living.

Here the disadvantage is that the growth is very slow, and the fall can be very rapid and therefore it is possible to burn out here in a couple of days and become completely bankrupt.

Yes, everywhere you can become bankrupt, or you think that only here you can really be left without money. There are so many circumstances that can contribute to this.

If only it is not quite right to dispose of your budget, then you can become bankrupt, no more. This issue should always be given as much time as possible.

That is, interest, but you also need to understand that there is an error and that the exact data here may not be entirely accurate. So these statistics should not be 100% trusted.

Only the first quarter is just over, so it’s too early to draw conclusions about this, because the whole year ahead and just for the last two quarters, usually the entire bulk of the investment falls.

This is a very broad topic and therefore it is possible to make a general forecast here, but not for each of the assets for sure. It is difficult to determine which cryptocurrency, for example, will be the best.

So far, the second quarter of the year has just begun, so it’s too early to sort out the results of the year. A year will pass and then it will be possible to draw some conclusions.

I am in favor of having a great future in the cryptocurrency market and you need to look more than one year ahead, but more globally, because one year of fruitful work will not do anything.

It would be to this all reduce the massively the cost of equipment that is sold, is now available for mining, because it is not at all an option that cost so much money.

And how can this system not develop. when there is so much advertising. Now, in my opinion, only everyone is talking about it, because the way out is for many.

The point is not even simply in advertising, but in the fact that it can now be said in a trend and while it is so popular, until then it will develop normally.

It would be if even incomes grew in such a geometric progression, then it would be generally cool. And so it is not always possible to achieve such global results.