More than half of cryptocurrency exchanges have security problems.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms that provide the opportunity to trade in digital assets have been repeatedly hacked. During the entire existence of the cryptocurrency market, 31 thefts were committed with a total damage of more than $ 1.3 billion. However, despite this, the level of security on many of today’s cryptocurrency exchanges is still extremely low.

The rating agency ICOrating studied 100 cryptocurrency platforms, the volume of which exceeds $ 1 million and concluded that 54% of exchanges, to one degree or another, have problems with the security of customer accounts.

Despite the fact that errors in the code are not so critical, in some cases they can lead to problems with the functioning of the site or even to data loss. According to the report, 32% of cryptocurrency exchanges have errors in the platform code.

On the third item, only 4% of cryptocurrency exchanges meet all security criteria, such as registry locking, DNSSEC application, preventing DNS substitution, etc.

In the ICOrating rating created by the researchers, based on a point system in which you can score a maximum of 100 points, the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase with 89 points was in the first place, Kraken was ranked second with 80 points, two exchanges shared the third place, Bitmex and GOPAX who scored 78 balls. The worst level of protection was shown by OKCoin, gaining only 15 points.

With this, you need to urgently do something, because no one wants to just take and lose money out of the blue and it’s only the fault of the exchange that they couldn’t provide protection properly.

I don’t trust anyone, so I try not to store them at all in electronic format and I don’t advise you, because you always risk losing them no matter what the exchange is.

This is a very big front, where there is a lot of money, and therefore such statistics. Usually they start thinking about it after that. how the system has been cracked.

Maybe it is simply not profitable for the owners of such companies to invest so much in security, because from the very beginning, there is still some sort of security level.

In order to create a cryptocurrency exchange and register it, we officially need very large investments and even more investments are needed just to ensure complete security. Are there any exchanges that have never once succumbed to hacker attacks or hacking?

It seems to me that this is not the whole list of exchanges that may have security problems and if nothing is done, then there will be nothing and the list will continue.

On the contrary, it is necessary to make it so that this list decreases or at least just to leave those cryptocurrency exchanges that can be considered more secure.

There are many exchanges among these, about which in life I would not have thought that they might have any problems against this background. All the same, this does not stop anyone, and investments still continue to pour into such projects.

That may be a problem for all the exchanges, you just start thinking about it only when you are hacked, for example. It is not very right to worry about their investments.

On the contrary, this is correct. If you do not worry about them, then you can go to any stock exchange and your money will merge safely, and so at least you can choose the stock exchange.

Well, and for this reason that you do not need to trade on cryptobirds? You will have nothing so in any field. You don’t need to take everything so close to your heart.

I was very worried about this question right away and I didn’t understand how cryptocurrency exchanges could increase security measures when there was such a thing in the world, when they could just hack a server, for example, and not bear any responsibility for it?

I never expect that my funds will always be safe and sound, because I always understand that there are risks. Less just need to think about it and everything will be fine.

The main thing about it is to constantly think only in a positive way and then there will never be any problems with the account it seems to me. And so, if you tune yourself in advance to defeat, then so be it.