Cryptocurrency fraudsters persuaded residents of Melbourne to transfer them $ 50,000 through a crypto machine

Once again, the fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme, which was at one time very popular in Australia, worked. So this time, four residents of Melbourne made a sum of $ 50,000 dollars through a cryptographic machine, ostensibly to pay off tax arrears.

The prelude to this was the letters that the fraudsters sent to their potential victims, stating that the failure to pay a certain amount would be followed by arrest.

The investigation revealed that the victims of fraudsters were migrants who recently arrived in the country in search of work. It is easier to intimidate such people and convince them that failure to comply with the requirements will call into question their migration status.

Obviously, there are much more victims of such fraud, but not everyone claims the authorities, as migrants may have expired visas, or they do not know that Australian authorities never ask to deposit money through cryptomattes.

The police once again stated that before paying for any government services or taxes, it is necessary to make a request to the relevant authorities and under no circumstances provide your personal information or financial details by phone.

You need to know your rights and then you will never get into such an unpleasant situation. It will be good if the money is returned and as many people as possible learn about this scheme so that they themselves will not fall for the bait.

More, these people will never be the first to get into the tricks of such people, and most likely they will never go to work in other countries, because they would hardly have had any in their home walls.

I wonder how it was possible to think of such a thing at all and were there similar cases in other countries? It is necessary to be 100% sure that this will be a reaction.

Of course, I’m by no means defending them, but it still seems to me that if the rate were normal for cryptocurrency, then there would be fewer such cases.

But it seems to me that on the contrary, there would be even more, because people would have more crypto on their hands, they would know more about this and as a result they would come across such ducks.

Yes, everything is done here most likely on emotions, therefore it is difficult to judge when I have never been in such a situation. But it is better to be always prepared.

On the one hand, it’s convenient that now you can pay for anything you want using the terminal, or using an online form, but because of such cases, you should reconsider this possibility.

I wouldn’t exactly put such a sum into the terminal under any circumstances, so I think that it’s just that the human factor played a role, that the victims were people who didn’t think.

Maybe it just seems to us that these are not some lifting amounts, but for residents of other countries, this is normal, especially if they went illegal. then the money should be.

Normal such a rise out of the blue I would say. I think that their earnings quickly ended on this, because it is not difficult to figure out who was doing this. Technologies now allow.