Sapphire Technology Announced New Mining Video Card RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card

There has long been no positive news from a computer equipment manufacturer in Hong Kong, Sapphire Technology. And so they arrived. Recently, the company introduced a new line of video cards specially optimized for mining the new cryptocurrency Grin.

The company noted that this card has become “one of the few solutions” for mining cryptocurrencies based on the Cuckatoo 31+ algorithm, such as the Grid. According to Sapphire, the first miners will be able to get more rewards.

“The RX 570 16GB HDMI video cards offer new opportunities not only for Sapphire and the first miners of the Grid cryptocurrency, but also for the entire cryptocurrency industry as a whole. The INCA and MGI lines will also receive 16 GB of memory in the future, ”said marketing vice president Adrian Thompson.

The video card is equipped with 16 gigabytes of GDDR5 video memory with a 256-bit bus, allowing you to reach bandwidth up to 224 GB. At the same time, the device has only one HDMI output.

Yes, I just dream of such a video card. So far, even afford to buy one such can not. I will work on it. And so this is a breakthrough, of course.

So and for the approximate cost so no one wrote. How much will such a video card cost and when the start of sales will be officially announced here? I think that no less than 1000 dollars.

At 8 GB, it seemed to cost about 300,400 dollars a video card that was also used for mining. But this one will be twice as expensive.

So what is it that turns out that in order to build such a farm with video cards of the latter, then only one farm needs about 5 6 thousand dollars minimum? How expensive it turns out. Isn’t it easier for Asiki to buy?

We need to look at what the exhaust from these video cards will be. If it will give a normal income of 100%, then you should think about where to find the means to buy.

And how can you understand what the exhaust will be if you do not have experience using this equipment. For technical specifications alone, do not.

And what for us to watch. Here you need to watch the course, the prices of equipment, etc., because it is up to you to decide whether this is effective or not.

It should be recaptured as soon as possible at a cost, and not thinking about who to sell to, because if it is not profitable, then no one will need it in principle and for a small amount.

All announcements are mainly made in advance, six months before the official release, so you can, in principle, immediately determine what is wrong, whether to buy or not.

They may not even get to us, because it is not the first time I’ve heard that they produce such equipment for a certain country. I would not like to have such restrictions at all.

That’s right, they are doing this because there are countries where it is officially prohibited by law, so it makes sense for the market to open a corridor for such countries where there will be no demand.

Such investments are doubtful of course and you never know what it will bring as a result, how much money can be raised on it. And you can always sell.

It is always possible if you sell something and it is not necessary that they use it for mining. It can simply be done differently, but the price should not change.