The opinion of world leaders on cryptocurrency

The next US presidential election will be held in 2020, but already today the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, is running his election campaign and accepting donations in cryptocurrency. Thus, he became the first politician to start accepting donations for a campaign in cryptocurrency.

This is the first world leader that comes to mind when it comes to cryptocurrency. With the filing of Maduro, Petro, the first national crypt, was launched, which, in addition to being tied to the price of a barrel of oil on the world market, is also provided with this very oil. Since August 20 of this year, wages and prices in Venezuela are tied to Petro. The token was created on the NEM blockchain and its issue amounted to 100 million coins.

Ivan Duque Marquez was elected president just recently. However, he is determined to create in the country favorable conditions for cryptocurrency companies, which he calls in Colombia to open or develop his business. Prior to joining politics, Marquez worked in the banking sector and therefore he is convinced that the blockchain technology will help the country cope with corruption.

According to the president, IT companies that will work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, as well as create new jobs in the country, will be exempted from taxes for the first five years.

In July, the Maltese Parliament adopted a series of laws aimed at simplifying work with cryptocurrencies. Thus, Malta became the first country to have formal legislation in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Also, the Maltese Stock Exchange announced its intention to open trading in digital assets. All this makes Malta the most friendly environment for blockchain startups and cryptocurrency companies.

During a speech at the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that in Malta digital and fiat currencies are equal and government agencies constantly monitor and control the actions of cryptocurrency companies, ICO projects are officially allowed.

In addition, Muscat noted that the introduction of blockchain technology is not only the elimination of intermediaries in the field of payments. This technology will also be useful in the areas of health, trade, etc.

Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree last December that provides for tax breaks and economic incentives for technology startups until 2023. To this end, special technoparks have been created in the country, where minimum taxes apply.

This decree has already launched more than 100 technology companies, and the largest Belarusian bank Mtbank has even started offering its customers contracts for Bitcoin price difference (CFD).

According to Vladimir Putin, “Russia, by definition, cannot have its own cryptocurrency, since any cryptocurrency goes beyond specific states. The central bank believes that cryptocurrency cannot be a means of payments, settlements, savings, as they are not secured. All this suggests that we must treat them very carefully. “

However, at the same time, Putin noted that cryptocurrencies can help avoid restrictions in international financial activities, and therefore the authorities should learn to use this tool.

“The blockchain industry has great potential because it can be used regardless of state borders and revenues, which indicates tremendous prospects for the cryptoindustry.”

It is strange how it cannot be its own cryptocurrency, if all the same now use all other cryptocurrencies and pay for services, purchases, whatever. The benefits should be very big.

As they say, that which is not forbidden is allowed. It is in this status that cryptocurrency is now. I would not be surprised if he already has savings in the crypt.

It is not at all good that there is no definite status, because, in principle, this hinders development as a whole, because no one sees the future and is afraid of everything.

Most of all, you need to refer to what our president thinks about cryptocurrency, because the opinion of other politicians and Presidents will not affect the development of cryptocurrency in our country. It would be good if the entire government headed by the President supported this direction and gave everything possible for growth.

How our politicians relate will be visible according to the adopted laws or vice versa. That’s when it really is an indicator, and what they promise is just empty words.

The richer the people, the more loyal relates to all these innovations. I fully support the former US President and I want everyone to think so, who has at least some chance to influence this.

And what does he have to lose? A person basically did everything to ensure that the country flourished, and now just watches how it is managed by others and his advice sometimes helps in achieving maximum economic indicators.

Nobody knows how they came to this, therefore there is a controversial point here, because in our case, you still know who and how gets into such positions and how they become presidents.

And what influence can it have, if he does not take and invest at least a million dollars in a cryptocurrency business? Maybe it will not save, but they can all talk beautifully.

It is enough now even to go on Youtube and see what other people say about it, not necessarily the presidents. There are many other experts who know more than they do.