Hashocean has merged

One of the most worthy and long-term mining projects announced that it had been hacked and they are now restarting the project. This scheme is so outdated that it existed at the dawn of gaming. But it is worth paying tribute – they lasted much longer than the others.

Because of the relatively low yield, the project was considered reliable and had several hundred thousand customers. Also, the project creators assured that their data centers are located in several parts of the planet, but in the miner circles such statements were skeptical.

On June 28th, all users to the mail, as well as in a group on Facebook, announced that the project had been hacked and would be restarted. But it all starts on a new one. Return or rollback to some old items will not be made.

Although I personally think this project is not very profitable – other analysts believe that projects with a yield above 300% do not live as long as hashocen did.

Next month, I will consider new projects that are giants of cloud mining. For the time being, zeushash, genesis mining, bitminer.eu and a few cloud mining miners remain in this list (their reviews will be at the beginning of the month).

Just hashocean sunset is associated with a seasonal decline in investors, and only true cloud mining will withstand this decline. Those interested can start anew, but I personally have no desire to trust them with my money anymore. I will review a few other cloud mining. which have already proven themselves and provide the extraction of both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Initially, it was clear that this project will sooner or later become a scam. It was painfully profitable to buy power on it. Many had to go out faster and be more careful, but the thirst for freebies is, alas, invincible.

Thank you, we will remember that these are serious risks and we will invest only those funds that are not sorry to lose. You never know in advance which project will be a hoax. So you have to try and make sure that something is working or not.

It is always necessary to invest only excess. It would not want to multiply the little that is and which is not enough, you should not go for such risky ones. It’s a shame and a pity to lose at all, but to lose the latter is simply terrible and unacceptable.

Many flew very well with him. At one of the forums I read that there were precedents of the fact that people equivalent to 400 thousand rubles were affected. In general, it is necessary to invest wisely.

Wow, who puts so much money into it ??? And in general, how could everything disappear considering that there were so many investments? When the tap merges and is not very happy, and when the cloud mining service merges, this is a problem.

My friend has invested about 20,000 euros in cointellect and flew somewhere for 10,000. Although he paid back the first investment and even earned some good money – it would seem to stop well or invest the earned money, but withdraw the principal amount and add no more from above and again.

Perhaps one of the largest was long-playing. At least many people believed it, and to this day they hope and believe that a restart will take place sooner or later, although it is clear that there are no miracles.

Restart can and will be but not in that format. It is good when services leave without deceiving people and paying their debts. Still, I noticed that people would wait for the restart to occur anyway.

No, no one will close the scores at all, but what to do, another cloud mining service may turn out to be less reliable. This one at least worked for so much time and invested in it, received a return, which means it is worth adhering further.

I really don’t think so. How many examples have there been when the restart lived even less. From experience, I can say that all the restarts are aimed at cutting down at least something from trusting users.

Well who knows. And it is not at all clear whether this project had its own mining farms, such as Genesis, for example, who is actively showing them or not. And the fact that the reason is almost always the same, so it is not surprising. They even break the post of the State Department

Stories about what was hacked and the type will soon be a restart, this is already a traditional excuse of all HYIPs of this format. Where e-money was invested, it’s also true that wallets were broken and you shouldn’t hope for a miracle. The project is dead.

Remember, thanks. Yet anyone who does not risk anything and will not be so I am ready to risk and lose than to do nothing. All the same, the probability of earning money attracts more than deter risks. The fact that it brings more income is difficult, but I will not stay away. After the fall, ready for new highs!

Such is life as a zebra and nothing is achieved only by the one who does nothing. Whoever does not want to achieve something will simply complain about the first failure, and there will be a lot of them. There are always less pleasant sides in everything.

For a long time he existed and very well recommended. Of course, you understand that projects of this kind can be closed sooner or later, but as it is sad that this always happens unexpectedly.

Sometimes, even if it is possible to know something in advance, it is still impossible to do anything. It may be better not to know so as not to get upset. It is necessary to think positively but not to rely on anything or anyone, only on yourself.

It happens … I feel sorry for everyone who lost something. It is good for those who could increase their coins to weighty amounts before everything is covered. Well, you should not worry even if there were losses and you must again strive to multiply the number of coins.

Many managed to earn on it, a very good tap was and lived for a long time. Yes, and as I read on the forums, by the way, many people hope that he will come to life again. And so it is insulting, it remains just that even the genesis would have merged and in general the belief in mining will fall.