Viruses are attacking Bitmain mining devices

According to a recent report from specialists from Trustnodes, a new virus was discovered in China that attacks the mining equipment for Bitmain’s Bitcoin mining. When a virus infects a device, it first forwards the extracted bitcoins to another address, and after it is discovered, it requires a ransom in the cryptocurrency. Otherwise, the virus threatens to disable infected devices by overheating.

Despite the fact that the virus can not cause real harm, and its removal procedure is simple, although very long. In order to remove the virus from the device, you need to completely format and reinstall the control system. This process can take up to 4 ex days and all this time the device can not extract cryptocurrency. Plus, the virus can spill over to other devices.

The virus is distributed in firmware that accelerates the ASIC device and increases the hashrate. For example, AntMiner S9 on standard firmware gives out about 13.5 14 Terraheshshey. However, with the “overclocking” firmware, 18 Terraheshs can be squeezed out of the device.

As noted above, the virus does not immediately manifest itself. First, he redirects the bitcoins received from mining to his address and only after he considers that he has been discovered, he blocks the device / s and demands a ransom of 10 BTC. At one mining farm, the virus thus forced 4,000 devices to send the extracted bitcoins to a hacker’s address all night, who thus could earn $ 8,000.

Considering the fact that viruses for mining devices are a fairly new and unexplored phenomenon, experts suggest that in the near future the number of cases related to such interventions in devices will increase.

The company McAfee, specializing in antivirus software, conducted a study according to which in 2018 the number of malicious interventions in the mining process increased 40 times.

PS The article was translated by me and a lot of things were cut or reworked, since apparently it was written by a person who does not quite understand the mining processes. Therefore, the time where it took about 4 days to restore the device to work, I left it as it is, because here, too, my knowledge is not enough. However, I strongly doubt that this is so. Otherwise, everything looks pretty believable. Especially the moment when Bitcoins are redirected to another address. I think that with the next wave we will see such viruses in the miners for ether and other similar cryptographic programs.

No one is protected in this time and again. It’s simply impossible to be so categorical and to think that this will never happen to you. Anything can happen.

Well, it’s still not a reason to take it all and quit. You just need to spend more time on security and then there will be no problems. How to do this is another question.

Yes, as it is doing nothing. They make even more effort than others who are involved in this process. It just seems that the easiest way to hack the system is to simply shovel to row money.

It is still possible to say that temporary success, because very quickly find such clever people who run such programs. The leak is very simple to calculate. It’s a little harder to find out exactly who is doing this.

The problem is that this is one of the most popular manufacturers for such equipment, so the likelihood that one of you can become a very big target.

Usually, those who invent such viruses come up immediately and the opposite, how to solve the problem. This is how you can earn twice as much in one business.

And what’s scary? For me, the worst is not so much the loss of money, as such, but information. Money can always be earned, but the information is not returned.

This is also true, but for your own safety it is best to store money somewhere else. to have a copy. It’s just for the sake of the fact that the equipment can simply fail.

You start to think about it after something happened to your data. Immediately you can not think of. It came to me when the hard drive burned.

The more you have accumulated, the more you have and fears to lose everything, because a person who has nothing behind him simply has nothing to lose.