MyEtherWallet Wallet has been subjected to more attacks than Fortune 500 banks

According to Segasec, one of the cybersecurity leaders, the number of recorded hacker attacks on the popular crypto-currency wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) exceeded similar attempts by hackers against Fortune 500 banks. security associated with private keys and tools to log in, as well as the overall security of the platform.

According to the general director and co-founder of Segasec, Elad Schulman, the above data suggests that the MEW platform is by far the best in cryptocurrency space.

The founder of the MEW wallet, Kosaloy Hemachandra, and his team first independently dealt with the security of the platform, but subsequently delegated this question to Segasec, as the number of attacks increased dramatically and continues to grow daily.

According to Hemachandr himself, he is pleased with the partnership with Segasec, because first of all it is necessary to ensure the security of platform users and their tokens.

Anyway, you always need to be on guard to prevent the wallet from being hacked. No matter how good the system would be, it still seems to me that if the fraudsters want it, they will hack the system without problems.

I’d like to hope that it will not affect us in any way, but still, if they hack, the whole system will suffer as a whole, and this is our fault.

Our security is in safe hands, I think. If this company, in principle, does not cope with its responsibilities, then the case will be transferred to someone else.

The big disadvantage of all online wallets and projects that are associated with money, as there is always the risk of losing money, data and information, no matter how well you work on it. There is not a single system that is not vulnerable.

This can be done unconditionally, just the other side is not losing hope, and they are also developing more rapidly. So there will always be a struggle for leadership. Some will try to protect the system as much as possible, while others will try to hack.

Anyway, it will not work out of responsibility, because sooner or later they will find the ends, and if they don’t catch them now, they’ll be right in time, so no one will remain unpunished.

And it is unlikely that someone will return the money, all the more so with such a system you can not hope for any concessions from justice. They are important to slow down, so that the process does not develop further.

May not be found. If it were so easy to open everything, then no one would do it, because no one is interested in spending the rest of his life behind bars, so they do everything professionally.

If there is such an opportunity, and the more so that such cases are less revealed, then of course there will be more attacks. For banks, protection is much better anyway.