8% for 28 days.

Meet From the creators of,,, profit12.comm – Created yesterday. Those who want to tickle your nerves – WELCOME! The rest I warn against this project. Although the project format has changed. Now you do not promise lifelong payments. Now payments will occur over 28 days.

I now do not understand the logic of people who rivet these projects one by one. Does the people really continue to believe after 3 ex projects that failed miserably. Although not. For creators – these projects have been very successful. I, as a person who is following Bitcoin projects, will be very interested to see how it all ends. And will there be any kind of protection against this. Although if people continue to believe and carry their money, then there can be no protection.

I recall that,, has already stopped paying. – still pays, but it’s not for long. Just a couple of days and he, too, will stop paying.

Something I can not understand, someone says that he pays, and someone says that no. I do not even know what to believe. As always, you need to check everything for yourself, to know how it all really is, otherwise nothing.

Hmm, sadness … Here’s how to protect yourself from losses in the case of such hacks, it seems in any way .. This is perhaps the only case where you can enjoy small deposits. There was no happiness, but misfortune helped say so …

This is not often happens probably. No one is insured against any losses, so you should not be afraid of them, but don’t wait. In the case of such projects, everything is temporary, but probably profitable.

One should always hope that in case of a hacking, no one will touch the small deposits)) more attractive yet serious deposits. But on the other hand, I dream of large deposits because))

If you check everything yourself, you can lose not only what you had, but also what you never had IMHO. It is always necessary to do everything with the mind, and therefore analyze what others have.

More than you have you will not lose, so you can try, who does not believe. And I can write anything you want just to lure a client and thus receive a cache from him)

Nice to hear that some projects still pay. This allows you to believe that they will always continue to pay. Sometimes it is not so, but hope still dies last)))

Yes, nothing is forever, just need to take what is still there, probably this is the best solution. If there are temporary profitable projects, it is worth using the opportunities that they offer.

I want to tickle my nerves, so I’ll try. In fact, I would like to try something new without testing my nerves, but probably it won’t work out) You have to pay for everything, where with money, where are the nerves)

Yes, you do not invest your last money and then you can be calm. Not worth the risk of last resort. If you manage to earn, there will be a bonus, but if not, then you will not lose much. So the most reasonable thing to do.

Business is business, but sometimes you can turn it into entertainment. You do not need to think much about money and then they will float, either in the form of cryptocurrency, or in the form of something else.

Maybe not worth it, huh? If the nerves are not in order, then doing all such projects means destroying oneself completely. In such cases, climb only when the nerves are strong or there is interest / curiosity, but money is not a pity.

I think that even 28 days is not so little and you can even try. I don’t really hope for life-long payments, and I can be content with what I have, which means small))) I have strong nerves, so I’ll try, thanks for the info!

It is good that strong, then you can take the risk. In general, it is not necessary to be with steel nerves, it is enough just to be simpler and easier to treat everything.

To believe that the payments will be lifelong it means to be a very good optimist. In fact, you need to be glad that they exist at all, even if temporary. The main thing is to pay, for some time you can get your own.

A caution for me is like a hint that something needs to be done)) But thanks for warning, I hope someone reacted differently to this))