The mining service NiceHash increased bitcoins by $ 70 million

On December 6, the mining service NiceHash hastily left for technical work. All day the support kept its users in the dark and did not comment on the situation. Although there was enough cause for concern.

On the morning of December 6, the mining capacities connected to NiceHash began to disconnect from the pools at once. Without explaining the reasons, the service hurried to leave for unplanned technical work. In addition to messages on the main page, as well as on social networks, that technical work is being carried out, please wait, there were no comments. Support simply ignored the messages of users in the social. networks.

“Our service is currently under maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will keep you informed. Thank you for understanding”.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is working hard to restore the service, it may take longer than expected. “

Most users complained that prior to shutting down the service, their balance sheets were reset, but these and other messages were ignored by NiceHash support.

During this time, an entire investigation was made on the Reddit website, in which it turned out that the users funds in the amount of 4700+ bitcoins were withdrawn to one single wallet.

This address was replenished with several large transactions that occurred within four hours and almost coincided with the service disconnection time.

Closer to the night, the NiceHash company nevertheless made an official statement, in which it reported that there was a hacker attack and withdrawal of users’ funds.

Already today, the head of NiceHash co-founder of online crypto mining, Marko Cobal (Marko Kobal), confirmed that hackers managed to steal 4,736.42 bitcoins from the wallets of users of this resource.

The hacking began early in the morning of December 6th – there were irregularities in the computer of one of the site’s employees. The circumstances of the hacker attack are still being studied, but it is already known that, having gained access to the NiceHash system around 5 30 (Moscow), the attackers began to drain the funds of users, which are still displayed at their Bitcoin address.

The head of NiceHash calls hacking an “incredibly coordinated and high-tech attack.” To disclose all the details and return funds to users of the resource will take indefinite time.

The more the bitcoin rate grows, the more hacker attacks can be expected, so it may be for the better that they are trying to protect users from this more.

The most annoying thing in this situation is that you don’t show anything to anyone, because as far as everything is anonymous and in fact a cryptocurrency is not considered to be a monetary unit, then why should anyone involve?

Today I found out that cryptocurrencies were taken away from one private individual for an amount equivalent to $ 25 million. So – this is not the first and unfortunately, not the last case.